Solar Panel Statics

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Roof space for sale in Australia's area is enough to supply all of the electricity of the country .

Weight for weight, advanced silicon based solar cells create exactly the same quantity of electricity with no hazardous waste as atomic fuel rods, above their life. Each of the parts in a solar panel could be recycled, whereas atomic waste remains a risk for a large number of years.

Wind and solar electricity systems have 100 times better life energy production than either

This compares having a serviceable life.

The theoretical limit is 29% conversion efficiency. Now, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels usually accessible have efficiencies everywhere from. Together with the improvement of solar concentrators, photovoltaics' efficacy is prone to rise above 60 per cent.

Than is found in the world in a single year, the Earth receives more energy in the sun within an hour

There are now several million house solar electricity systems installed in Australia

Over 282,482 MW, global capability was at the conclusion of 2012

Relevant and solar radiation energy resources including hydro, wave and wind power and biomass make up 99.97% of the accessible renewable energy

Charles Fritts built the very first solar cell in the 1880s - it'd a conversion efficiency of only 1%

The world's biggest wind turbine in operation that is commercial is the 6MW Siemens B75.

Global yearly photovoltaic installations raised from only 21 megawatts to 32,000 megawatts, in 1985

Making solar cells makes pollutants than traditional fossil fuel technologies

The solar business creates 200 to 400 occupations in development, research, production and setup for every 10 megawatts of solar power created per annum.

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Solor Engery Statistics Data
Average solor panel size needed to power the average home 600 sq ft.
Average cost of installing a 600 sq ft solar system $55,000
Solar energy share of global energy consumption 0.7 %
Average annual growth rate of global solar engery capacity 102 %
Amount of solar energy that hits the earth each year 8.2 Million Quads
Total quads currently used by the entire globe annually 400 Quads
Percent of earth that would need to be covered with solor panels to power it 0.0005 %
Barrels of oil saved annually by all solar energy users 75 Million Barrels
Tonnes of carbon dioxide saved annually by all solar energy users 35 Million Tonnes
Coutnries with the most installed solar energy in MW MW
Germany 9,785
Spain 3,386
Japan 2,633
United States 1,650
Italy 1,167
Czech Republic 465
Belgium 363
China 305
France 272
India 120

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